145 Litre BWE-185 Concrete Mixer
Kraft & Dele 2.5KVA Power Generator
Barracuda 1000 1KVA Power Generator
MACK RW 713 Superliner
Volkswagen T4 Multivan
Volkswagen T4 Transporter

We work for you!

We are a company dealing with the import and export of various goods between various african and european countries. We analyze and discover niche areas in the markets of individual countries and supply products that are desirable to the populace. Our specialization is in the export of vehicles, light as well as heavy-duty, from Europe to Africa and include minibuses, buses, Tractor trailers, farm machinery and boats.

As it is our passion, we make sure that the equipment is of high quality and tested by our experts. We are open to any new offers of cooperation. Our priority is to meet the expectations of our customers in the delivery of their merchandise.

A complete list of our business activities are as follows:

  • Export of small vehicles (cars, buses) and heavy-duty lorries (Tractors, Tippers, Oil Tankers) to Africa
  • Export of construction equipment (excavators, power generators) to Africa
  • Export of replacement parts and engines of the aforementioned vehicles and construction equipment to Africa
  • Export of consumer electronics to Africa
  • Export of Solar energy equipment (solar modules, solar lamps) to Africa
  • Export of building construction materials (windows, roofing) to Africa
  • Export of baby supplies (diapers) to Africa
  • Import of african art into Europe
  • Import of rubber raw materials into Europe
  • Shipping logistics for individuals and companies seeking to ship merchandise to Africa
  • Web and Software Development

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